Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Smokey Quartz

AKA: Carnigorm
Sources: Brazil, Madagascar, USA
Astrological Associations: Sagittarius, Capricorn
Chakra: Sacral and Base, Hands and Feet
Vibrates to the Nos. 2, 8

Smokey Quartz is an excellent grounding and anchoring stone; as well as, a protective stone, providing a barrier of energy around the user.

Healing Properties:
  • Effective for problems in the abdomen, legs and hips
  • Relieves pain of headaches and pain in muscles and nerve tissues
  • Aids in assimilation of minerals in the body
Spiritually: Balances yin and yang energy and raises vibration during meditation.

  • Lifts depression
  • Relieves fear
  • Promotes personal pride and joy
  • Promotes positive thought
  • Increase clarity
  • Assists with communication skills


AKA: Olivine; chrysolite

Sources: Brazil, Canary Islands, Afghanistan, Pakistan, USA, Russia, Sri Lanka

Astrological Associations: Leo, Virgo, Scorpio, Sagittarius

Chakra: Heart

Vibrates to Nos. 5,6,7

Peridot emits a warm and friendly energy. In ancient times, it was believed to keep away evil spirits. Peridot still is seen as a protective stone of the aura.

Healing Properties:

  • Powerful cleanser, releases and neutralizes toxins..both physical and mental
  • Heals and regenerates tissues
  • Affects the heart, thymus, intestinal tract, spleen, gallbladder and lungs

Mentally: Peridot sharpens your mind and opens up to new levels of awareness. Assists in dissolving lethargy.


  • Promotes psychological clarity and well being
  • Reduces stress
  • Alleviates jealousy, resentment and spite
  • Enhances confidence

Spiritually: Peridot opens the heart chakra and solar plexus chakras. It is a visionary crystal to assist in understanding your spiritual purpose.


Appearance: Milky white

Sources: USA, UK

Chakra: Sacral

Astrological Associations: Cancer, Libra, Scorpio, Pisces

Vibrates to the No. 8

Opal is known as a 'stone of happy dreams and changes'. This is a delicate stone with a fine vibration. Also a protective stone that when programmed can make you 'invisible' to others.

Healing Properties:

  • Strengthens memory
  • Treats Parkinson's disease
  • Purifies the blood and kidneys
  • Regulates insulin
  • Alleviates PMS


  • Brings lightness and ease
  • Enhances self-worth


  • Associated with love and passion
  • Releases inhibitions
  • Brings loyalty and faithfulness


  • Enhances cosmic consciousness and psychic visions

Monday, April 6, 2009


Source: USA

Astrological Association: Sagittarius

Chakra: Heart

Vibrates to the Number 7

Wulfenite facilitates the knowledge and practice of 'white magick'.

Healing: Wulfenite can rejuvenate and preserve energy but has no specific physical healing properties.


  • Facilitates moving easily and quickly from physical to psychic, intuitive and spiritual worlds.
  • Good for spirit contact and shamanic pursuits
  • Creates a strong connection between the physical and higher dimensions
  • Stimulates a bonding between souls on the Earth plane who have agreed to meet during the current lifetime.


Sources: Mexico, USA
Astrological Association: Leo
Chakra: Crown
Vibrates to Number 4

Danburite is a very 'sociable' crystal. In other words, it assists in getting along with people and being open and friendly. Melody describes it as "exhibiting a 'Buddha Crystal' configuration, bringing the aspects of enlightenment love toward realization."

Healing Properties: Danburite is a very powerful healing stone.
• Good for Gallbladder and liver
• Aids in detox
• Clears allergies
• Aids in muscular and motor function

Emotional: This crystal provides a link to serenity and peace of mind.

Spiritual: Used in meditation, it stimulates the third-eye, the crown and the higher crown Chakras.

Position: Place on appropriate area, especially the heart. Put Danburite crystal under the pillow at night to promote lucid dreaming.


Source: Brazil

Astrological: Aries, Gemini, Leo and Libra

Chakra: Solar Plexus

Vibrates to the Number 6

Citrine is sometimes called the "merchant's stone", because placing a citrine in your 'cash box' is said to bring in business and keeping the increase in wealth. This stone is believed to be one of the stones in the breastplate of the high priest.

Citrine is a good stone for aligning the chakras to the ethereal plane; also, useful in balancing the yin-yang energy in the body.

This is one of the few crystals that never need cleansing. It dissipates and grounds negative energy. Also acts as an aura protector.

Healing Properties: Citrine is considered a real 'feel good' stone.

  • Good for energizing and recharging the body
  • Stimulates the digestion, kidney, spleen and pancreas
  • Increases blood circulation and detoxifies the blood
  • Activates the Thymus balances the thyroid
  • Balances the hormones

Mentally: Citrine enhances concentration and overcomes depression.

Emotionally: Citrine is good for relationships and self esteem.