Friday, March 7, 2008

Welcome Everyone

To a blog known as Crystal Magick or Donna's Rocks. My intent is to weekly add a new crystal and it's healing and spiritual attributes. The information that I gather will likely change as I (and my readers) decide what is the most significant or useful. Most information I use will be research gathered from many websites; as well as, "The Crystal Bible" and "Love is in the Earth."

I have been a 'rockhound' for as long as I can remember although I never knew I could even do anything about it. I thought you had to have a formal education or some special intuitive knowledge to even think of working in any way with stones.

Well, the first time, I actually 'felt' a crystal..that is... while holding it, I felt the energy vibrating throughout my body....I knew there was a reason I had an affinity for stones. And that was it. I have been studying and enjoying their presence in my life ever since.

So come along with me on a magickal mystery tour of the most beautiful energetic beings you will ever meet.