Wednesday, May 30, 2012


I just read the following in the April 2012 issue of Popular Science Magazine. I found this quite interesting.  Another use for this awesome crystal....low tech.

The Viking Sunstone
1.       A thousand years ago, Vikings navigated with a sunstone, which they used to locate the sun on cloudy days.

2.       The stone – a calcite crystal called Iceland Spar – funnels light into two beams.  When the beams appear equally bright, the rock is facing the light, even if it’s obscured.

3.      Researchers now use calcite to funnel light around tiny objects for ‘invisibility’ cloaks.  

Saturday, May 19, 2012



With Beauty comes Grace and gracious we must be when in the presence of this rare Beauty.  Like the flower it is named for, it brings a precious and unique healing vibration to all in its presence. 

The Chrysanthemum Stone introduces us to living in Grace by gently awakening us to the beauty in our world, almost requiring us to "Stop and smell the flowers."  Like a bouquet of flowers, it "freshens up" a room, releasing 'stale' energies, even giving a new 'fragrance' to historic moments that may have been held by some as less than pleasant.

This delightful being can send us on a path to discover peaceful and harmonious relationships that open us to the larger, rare and often subtle opportunities that are presented to those who live their life in Grace.

                                            ~ Rev. Pamela Teague, CHt


Igniting the Soul

This unique stone from Madagascar illuminates our own interior pattern (our Soul's DNA), strengthening the connection between the Soul, the subconscious and conscious mind.  This allows us to act upon our purpose "wholey,"  engaging all four bodies, from moment to moment, in bigger, more Joyous ways.  

This beautiful mystical stone also has the ability to shed light on "The Dark Night of the Soul" revealing to the mental body the practical aspect of pain (emotional or physical). This allows the mental body to then rationalize or detach our Emotional body - and often our physical body - from the pain, bringing solace and understanding to the experience for the purpose of "moving through" it.

                                                                 ~ Rev. Pamela Teague, CHt.



This multilayer powerhouse holds a core of deep wisdom and strength reserved for those who respect the magnitude of change and effect that Pure Love brings.

It gently reveals lessons of "choice" ~ the difference between "helping and controlling" ~ "sharing and demanding" ~ "receiving and taking".  It can activate the natural wisdom in the Solar Plexus - imbuing the Healer with clarity to choose when to continue and when to allow the recipient to move forward on their own.

When invited, it allows Healers to be Healers in the strongest sense, supporting both the act of Healing AND the Healer with the endless dynamic Light and Pure LOVE.          

                                                                Rev. Pamela Teague CHt