Sunday, July 13, 2008


Malachite is a powerful stone but one that needs to be handled with caution.

  • It is toxic and should only be used in polished form. Avoid breathing it's dust. If used as a gem elixir, apply externally only or made by the indirect method of placing the stone in a glass container and standing this within spring water so that the stone does not touch the water.
  • Malachite amplifies both positive and negative energies. It grounds spiritual energies onto the planet. It is believed by some people that malachite is still evolving and will be one of the most important healing stones of the new millennium.
  • Already considered an important protection stone because if absorbs negative energy and pollutants. Should be cleansed before and after use by placing on a quartz crystal in the sun. Do not use salt as it will damage the surface.
  • It assists in cleansing and clearing and activating all the chakras and very helpful in stimulating the heart and throat chakras.

  • Called the 'stone of transformation', Malachite psychologically assists one in changing situations and providing for the transfer of sacred information leading to a spiritual evolution.
  • Mentally, Malachite goes to core of a problem and enhances intuition and insight. Helps alleviate mental disturbances.
  • Malachite can be used for 'scrying' or to access other worlds...inner and outer. It attunes to spiritual guidance..and if placed on the '3rd eye', activates visualizing and psychic vision.
  • Malachite can be placed on the solar plexus for facilitating deep emotional healing. It releases negative experiences and old traumas. At this pint, it balances the heart and navel chakras revealing insights.

  • Healing: This stone has been called the “Midwife Stone.” It resonates with the female sexual organs and useful for cramps and facilitates childbirth. The stone also lowers blood pressure, treats asthma, arthritis, swollen joints. There is quite a long list of ailments ... Please see “The Crystal Bible” for more information.

Astrological signs: Capricorn and Scorpio; Vibrates to Number 9

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