Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Aurora Borealis

Aurora Borealis is the name given to the mineral Mariposite. Due to its molecular structure, the energy remains the same with or without gold being included in each individual piece. This stone is a very powerful tool as you can see by the attributes below:

  • Called the "Stone of the Night" as it is said to bring phenomenal and prophetic lucid dreams, visions and revelations
  • Equalizes the yin/yang attributes and thought processes
  • Facilitates clarity in communication between the physical, emotional and other-worldy realms
  • Enhances and protects the aura and amplifies the body's energy fields
  • Stimulates mental clarity
  • Activates psychic abilities, deeper meditation and balancing of the physical body and chakras
  • Cleanses and smooths the aura
  • Rleases negativity from the emotional, physical, intellectual and spiritual bodies
  • Helps maintains balance in relationships and cooperative efforts

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