Saturday, May 19, 2012



With Beauty comes Grace and gracious we must be when in the presence of this rare Beauty.  Like the flower it is named for, it brings a precious and unique healing vibration to all in its presence. 

The Chrysanthemum Stone introduces us to living in Grace by gently awakening us to the beauty in our world, almost requiring us to "Stop and smell the flowers."  Like a bouquet of flowers, it "freshens up" a room, releasing 'stale' energies, even giving a new 'fragrance' to historic moments that may have been held by some as less than pleasant.

This delightful being can send us on a path to discover peaceful and harmonious relationships that open us to the larger, rare and often subtle opportunities that are presented to those who live their life in Grace.

                                            ~ Rev. Pamela Teague, CHt

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