Monday, September 8, 2008


Azurite guides psychic and intuitive development. This stone urges the soul toward enlightenment.
Other attributes include:
  • Cleanses and stimulates the third eye
  • Attunes to spiritual guidance
  • Enables journeys out of the body to take place safely and easily
  • Raises consciousness to a higher level
  • Facilitates entering a meditative and channeling state
  • Powerful healing stone
Mentally, Azurite brings about clear understanding and new perspectives. It expands the mind and releases long-standing blocks in communication. Emotionally, Azurite clears stress, worry, grief and sadness, allowing more light into the emotions. Healing Aspects:
  • Treats throat problems
  • Treats arthritis and joint problems
  • Aligns the spine
  • Works at a cellular level to restore any blockage or damage to the brain
  • Heals kidney, gallbladder and liver problems
  • Treats spleen, thyroid, bones, teeth and skin
Position: Wear touching the skin on the right hand or place as appropriate directly on the body especially the third eye. May induce palpitations. If so, remove immediately. Astrological Sign: Sagittarius Vibrates to the Number 1

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